Pouncing Panda!! [ 24 | Female | Crazy ]

Hi, I'm Dani. I switch fads and interests almost daily but some things are here to stay. This is what my brain thinks, my eyes see, & my heart desires. This is who I am... ♥

[Sometimes fairly NSFW so be cautious!] ;P

You'll mostly find random blog posts, k-pop related photos and videos, electronic & dubstep music, things I think are beautiful, cats [yes, I'm a crazy cat lady], photos of me, LOL worthy stuff, my love for everything TF2, video game junk, etc. IN OTHER WORDS, this blog is extremely random & doesn't really stay consistent for long but enjoy! LOL. XD


People who talk to me like I’m a 5 year old




Hot Springs, Shirahone, Onsen Japan

Terra~ can we go here?


The longer video of ol’ boy killin it!

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